Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SPERM EXTINCTION! (Album 10 promo)


hopefully can done the album by april or so :D

More effort has gone into this album than previous ones.


  1. I see that they keep deleting your comments on escapegames24 and I wondered what you are saying. I know they drove off a lot of people years ago because they deleted comments. I have not participated since then, I was so angry. If you feel like it, maybe you could answer here about the newest problems with that site?

  2. hmm not sure who this is (i only saw the comment now, sorry!), but, i think that site will never be the same as back then, it is sad :( i still hang out there sometimes but not like before... a lot of the games posted these days are real short and easy a lot of the more challenging riddles etc are gone i noticed... yea those were some good days in my life, when it was me ellie sneaksnake prid etc playing those games daily and posting WTs for everyone, it truly is not the same now, but at least some ppl still post WTs ive seen.