Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bonus hit song "Antwerp royal tennis club dec 29 2012"!

I for now leave you with this as my last post, what I and others feel is 1 of my best mixed songs yet, but it does not currently feature on any of my personal albums. Enjoy!

Album 5- "PRO ADDICT"

Just like my first album, also named after my highly infamous trio of league of legends accounts to hit 30 and feed ranked(haha), the other one being "emo drug addict" which I shall post at a future date, its still a new album.


1- Sneaksnake
2- Desert Planet
3- Oceans Dry Up
4- Mars Is Cooler Than Earth
5- Assterdam Tram 2
6- Unpredictable
7- USA
8- The Brussels Wall
9- Magic Amphetamine
10- Comfort Zone 4
11- Het Rijk Altwerpen
12- Galactic Government War In The Solar System
13- Arschterdam
14- Wartorn America
15- Assterdam Tram 5
16- Korsakoff Medal Jan 20
17- This Is The Industry(DJ Acid King Remix)
18- Spittin Out Random Worlds
19- There Is No Song Called Amsterdam Tram 1
20- Berlin Partylaune
21- Kristall Freiheit
22- Chapter 5 Was Not America!
23- Reverse Nazi Detroit
24- Schlect Musik
25- Drugs Are Important
26- Asskuiper Belt
27- Het Rijk Vs Kat Rijk