Sunday, December 8, 2013


its finally here, you know you want it! XD
1- There is no ethan ever again
2- Jupiter unleashed
3- Assszczecin
4- Greed ragnarok
5- Feb 2013 was complete shit
6- Delft magic
7- Serious amsterdam
8- Defilement
9- Erase
10- The erased song
11- Nazi planet
12- Lecking autsieg loschen
13- Report viktor for spam
14- Getting 70 deaths was not easy
15- Another fine nazi chunk
16- A goa party gone wrong
17- Zug endet hier
18- Reverb
19- Complete new type of experiment
20- Order of the filament
21- Mastering speed in berlin
22- Aachen destroys lisbon
23- Galaxy of violent dreams
24- And yet another nameless dutch town still
25- Assterdam tram 9

Monday, November 25, 2013



 i have just reuploaded them to mediafire alongside my music because i just realized after all this time (SORRY!) that megaupload dying killed my games off... haha. anyways lets do it on mediafire and enjoy the music i make now too!

-CID (yea i noticed its got my old name on the game, time has flown, its been over 3 years already! [4 since maze 1!])

suicunes maze 2 dawn of doom:
remember, youll need ADVENTURE MAKER to play it, so heres the link for that (the program i used to make it those years ago): ADVENTURE MAKER DOWNLOAD install the adventure maker and the game file becomes playable, otherwise its not. thats all, enjoy!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bonus hit song "Antwerp royal tennis club dec 29 2012"!

I for now leave you with this as my last post, what I and others feel is 1 of my best mixed songs yet, but it does not currently feature on any of my personal albums. Enjoy!

Album 5- "PRO ADDICT"

Just like my first album, also named after my highly infamous trio of league of legends accounts to hit 30 and feed ranked(haha), the other one being "emo drug addict" which I shall post at a future date, its still a new album.


1- Sneaksnake
2- Desert Planet
3- Oceans Dry Up
4- Mars Is Cooler Than Earth
5- Assterdam Tram 2
6- Unpredictable
7- USA
8- The Brussels Wall
9- Magic Amphetamine
10- Comfort Zone 4
11- Het Rijk Altwerpen
12- Galactic Government War In The Solar System
13- Arschterdam
14- Wartorn America
15- Assterdam Tram 5
16- Korsakoff Medal Jan 20
17- This Is The Industry(DJ Acid King Remix)
18- Spittin Out Random Worlds
19- There Is No Song Called Amsterdam Tram 1
20- Berlin Partylaune
21- Kristall Freiheit
22- Chapter 5 Was Not America!
23- Reverse Nazi Detroit
24- Schlect Musik
25- Drugs Are Important
26- Asskuiper Belt
27- Het Rijk Vs Kat Rijk

Saturday, April 27, 2013


This would be my 3rd album. "The ZOMBIT 40 is a HORRIBLE thing!"-many said, and because it wasnt a serious album i didnt post it but you might find some cities here and there with copies of it that i left around XD. Anyways...

1- Shitland France
2- Luxembourg
3- Death Ray
4- Why You Have A Metal Penis?
5- Sealed Koln Port
6- De Melkweg
7- The Goa Nuts Of Ruigoord Showered With Koln Pieces
8- Mescaline Garden
9- Bruxelles Vous Etes Merde
10- There Is NO Brussels
11- I Want To Make Another Song About Goa Nuts
12- -7
13- Zwolle
14- Yagr
15- Police Are Trolls
16- Violent Dreams 660
17- Fire Planet
18- KILL League Of Legends
19- Amphibian
20- Isle Of
21- Assdelaide
22- Parissa Strips
23- Insert Name
24- What About Holland
25- The Hamilton Friedhof
26- Lekker
27- Prinsengracht
28- Madrid Central
29- Kat Rijk
30- Young Rebels For Life
31- Gaywick Airport
32- Tyrant Yalcin
33- Wight
34- Scottish Pride
35- Scotland VS England
36- The Zwolle Wall
37- JJ Simons Defeats Jaded

Monday, March 4, 2013


mabye you got em from me irl as i left em around or handed em out to certain people, or mabye youll get them here by downloading and burning, but, enjoy! Also look for my other 8 albums, album 0(rare demo), and the "HET RIJK ANTWERPEN" compilations of DARK MUSIC i put together for the whole world/existance!

btw tris, what happens at the age of 42 exactly? :P been wondering lately as i drug trip.... haha... anyways, MUSIC!!!


1- She Wants A Purple Frikadel
2- Ice Planet
3- Viatchecid Badlands
4- Dordrecht
5- Koln Explosion
6- Delft Rebels
7- Black Hole England
8- Stay Away From Brussels
9- Duck Soup
10- Friedhof
11- Were Gonna Find... ANTWERP!
12- Raiding The Government
13- Z├╝rich
14- Antwerp Ghosts
15- Another Koln Explosion
16- I Love Curses
17- Startup Chime(DJ Acid King Remix)
18- Young Tender Hearts Beat Fast On The Plane
19- Cid
20- Ostbahnhof
21- Crystal Citadel
22- Assspain
23- Spanish Curse
24- Schlechten Spielen
25- MORE Germany
26- ASSteroid Belt
27- The Violent End Of England
28- Great Shitain
29- Acid Van Het Rijk Antwerpen