Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruigoord In Flames TROLOLOL :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


now adding to downloads section, a remix i did of skreams songs "midnight request line" and "I"!

Friday, March 23, 2012


This is (F)reedom speaking, and i would be very glad to raise awareness that the TRUTH BEHIND DRUGS HAS BEEN DISCOVERED! Drugs have been proven to help peoples brains becomes stronger, but since the "popular" country for drugs was HOLLAND/NETHERLANDS, the dutch government would previously not allow anyone to leave because of this. they wanted to keep everyone who took drugs within holland, inside ......the country, and under the belief that they were just "crazy", but this was a LIE. They then tried recently to impose a "WEEDPASS" upon the country, creating FURTHER "separation" for the people in, and out of holland. It is almost as if they did not want the people of thier country to experience the outside world! We at (F)reedom find such unfair laws, an outrage, because they LIMIT PEOPLES FREEDOMS! We should all be entitled to freedom without having to fear being frowned upon by others just for being different than them. as long as of course, these freedoms dont infringe upon other peoples freedoms, because then conflict begins, and we want peace! In my personal experience, for example, upon leaving holland/netherlands, the truth became clear over time: **I WAS NOT CRAZY!!!!** I found myself WAY smarter, and able to think more CLEARLY, than ever... my life felt in complete order. I feel EVERYONE should know this, for it is our (F)REEDOM, and the truth deserves to be known by all so we do not live LIES! If we live LIES, we live in oppression. and combined with some posts i have made earlier, i now have all that is needed to LIBERATE, the poor souls of holland, who have been tortured by this unfair law of being stuck within the borders. DRUGS SIMPLY ARE *NOT* BAD! WITH THE *TRUTH* REVEALED, WE NOW HAVE FREEDOM OF CHOOSING WHETHER TO TAKE THEM OR NOT! WE ARE NOT IMPRISONED ANY LONGER FOR TAKING HARMLESS DRUGS, BELIEVING LIES THAT THEY ARE BAD! WE STAND FREE, PEOPLE!!! :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The truth about rehab... we DONT NEED IT!

An inspiring post i would like to share:

TRUTH REVEALED- END OF REHABS IMPORTANCE (yes, you CAN handle the truth! we ALL can handle the truth, as long as we are in the firm belief we can!)

btw, i also would like to inform that the common belief that people might be "hearing things/voices" that dont exist, when they hear something unwanted, is just a mere common safeguard in the human brain, that makes it pretty hard to go back to the way you were before, once you know the truth about the ORIGINS of those voices, and have broken this safeguard. but at least when you have done so, you... can consider yourself "matured"

It is surely done by radio waves, reacting upon certain chemicals in our body, if it is NOT people in the immidiate environment.

This has NOTHING to do with countries, this is just general knowledge that everyone needs to know just in case they find themselves being sucked towards the bottomless pit of insanity. i am strong and proud, that i am (F)REE!

PS: i would like to add that this might not happen to EVERYONE, because everyone may have slightly different chemicals in thier body either from birth or from certain events they experienced in life.... and lastly, rehab only exists for people who cant handle the truth. people who cant HANDLE the voices, and would much rather wish they didnt exist, rather than FACE the truth. haha. but what about those who can, like me? well, we DONT NEED REHAB!!! I HAVE JUST NOW HELPED PEOPLE BYPASS REHAB BY POSTING ALL OF THIS INFO HERE! :P ENJOY, WORLD! (and enjoy the truth too )