Thursday, May 13, 2010

The dawn of doom has arrived!!!

Hello mortals, and welcome to your DOOM! Prepare yourselves for the longest, and most difficult room escape-type adventure you have EVER SEEN (This is NOT an exaggeration)! My new game, "Suicune's maze 2: Dawn of doom" is FINALLY finished, after spending OVER THREE MONTHS developing it!

Are you smart enough to fight your way through nearly 100(!) challenging puzzles and codes, and collect around 170(!!) items, as you attempt to stop me from gaining absolute power? You better be, because if you fail, it will be the dawn of a new age, and I, Suicune, will rule the world!

For anyone brave *COUGH*foolish*COUGH* enough to dare to confront me, I welcome thy challenge, and you may begin your epic journey by downloading the game HERE:


Just remember 1 thing... NO CRYING IF YOU LOSE! >:D
(some puzzles are EXTREMELY hard, so use TEAMWORK!)